Meet Dr. Brooke Russell, our Collagen PhD

Meet Dr. Brooke Russell, our Collagen PhD

Meet Dr. Brooke Russell, PhD in Microbiology from Texas A&M University. She has made it her lifelong work to study collagen, microbes, skin and wound healing.  Married to her middle school sweetheart and a mom of twins, she is a down home Texan, who admittedly does not like country music but loves her hip hop dance class. She’s an avid animal rescue volunteer and loves to foster kittens. 

Dr. Brooke is our trusted authority on all things Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Hibiscus Flower Extract and well understands the value of adding these superior beauty supplements to your diet daily.

Get To Know Brooke:

When did you have the ‘AHA’ moment you should be a scientist?

I was very sick with Lyme disease as a child and I visited the lab where these incredible scientists made the special medical injections that ultimately cured me. I remember being so in awe that they were actually the ones creating the cure specially designed for my body and illness. I was sold.  

Why did you choose to study collagen as a focus for your PHD and your life’s work? 

My PhD was based on how infections affect our body. That led to the study of collagen because a lot of microbes use collagen to grab onto our cells and set up shop. Collagen makes up a huge percentage of our anatomy and it is the most prevalent protein in our bodies. I wanted to do work that could help a wide range of people heal. Collagen can be used for a plethora of indications such as wound healing, bone graphs, vascular graphs and of course is the foundation to maintaining the beauty of our skin, hair and nails.

Favorite class in college/grad school?

I'm a big ol’ nerd and my favorite course was calculus because I love numbers and secretly enjoyed raising the grading curve of my class. I'm slightly competitive. *wink* 

What are 3 adjectives to describe 9 year old Brooke? What advice would you give her?

I was precocious. I wanted to be president of the United States and meant it. I was shy, and tiny. I would tell 9 year old Brooke she's got this, she can do whatever she wants. My parents hammered this philosophy into me. I would also tell her no matter how hard she tries, sports are just not gonna be her thing and that's okay. Be perfectly you, girl! 

Who living or not would you want to have at a dinner party? 

Most people would probably answer this with a deeply emotional, sentimental response but I'm very much your average gal so bring on the 3 Bs: Britney, Beyoncé and Brad. 

What is your biggest professional/ academic accomplishment? When did a professor/ mentor/ manager say “that is really brilliant”?

Hmmm, that's not really how it has worked in my experience. There are a lot of tiny accomplishments along the way. I know that sounds boring, but if amazing accomplishments happened that quickly and by happenstance, we would be roaming around in spaceships with no cancer. 

Do you eat collagen supplements/powders, etc every day and why?

Yes, of course! Why would you not?! I have a lot of dietary restrictions as to what my belly can handle so I think it is especially important for me to supplement. Also, as I age, I want to give myself the best shot at looking and feeling vital and youthful. Collagen helps with so many aspects of overall health and wellness. And the vanity aspect of course, is undeniable- it really does improve hair, skin and nails. I have also been taking hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and hibiscus flower extract, and have definitely noticed positive changes since adding them to my routine. (Glow Beauty Fuel Bars contain all of these helpful beauty supplements.)

What word do you use all the time?

My PG Rated word I use all the time is ‘like’. 

If you were to write an autobiography, what would be the title? It would probably be ‘Mommy is a Scientist’ as I’m in that phase of life where everything revolves around my kiddos. 

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